Still Have Questions?

What is Provizual?

Provizual takes the guesswork out of knowing which inspections are complete and where. Integrated with Procore drawings, you can see actual progress against which inspections have been opened, are in progress, and are complete. We show you on the drawings where your inspections have been opened and closed on Procore.

Can I use Provizual on my iPad?

Provizual isn’t available as an iOS app but has been optimized to work on Safari or any other internet browsers.

My project has already started, is it too late to use Provizual?

No, you can use Provizual to get your project on track at any point. If you are too busy to set up the locations yourself, we can create and link the locations for you for a small service fee.

What inspections are best fit for Provizual?

Provizual is meant for any inspection that ties to a location. Examples include pre-pour, framing, pre-rock, pre-insulation, mechanical, electrical, plumbing…sky's the limit.

What if I only have 2D drawings?

That's all you need! Provizual syncs your PDF drawings directly from Procore. There is no need for a BIM model to import locations. Just sync the drawings you want to use and link locations to spaces.